Norwegian sweaters – super practical and stylish

The Norwegian sweater is the epitome of comfort. The Norwegian sweater has shaken off the eco-image for a long time and today it is as much a standard range for each winter wardrobe, as the woolly hat, for example. It looks cool from a black skinny jeans or a black dress.

On cold winter evenings, the Norwegian sweater protects you from the cold as well as from the cold skiing on the slopes. Even fashion icons such as Rachel Bilson, Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller recognize the benefits of the warm Norwegian and appreciate it! Most of the Norwegian sweater is knit from wool, especially because this keeps you warm and acts as a natural thermo regulator.

A Scandinavian knitting patterns from cross-species-typical diamond patterns adorns the neckline. The winter pattern may also extend to chest height across the Norwegian sweater. Today occur frequently beautiful motifs such as moose and stars, which decorate the Norwegian sweater in an incredible way. As the name suggests, the Norwegian sweater has its origins in Scandinavia – but not in Norway. Strictly speaking, this warm garment had its origins from in Iceland, the Faroe Islands and the Shetland Islands.

In Germany, the stylish Norwegian sweaters established only in the 1970s. There are alternatives as coarse, hand-knitted sweaters made of natural materials to their dress code.Joschka Fischer and Co. probably also contributed to the fact that the Norwegian sweater of the fashion world has been ignored for a long time.

The Norwegian sweaters in summer

As much as we love our Norwegian sweaters – in the summer they are unfortunately taboo! Nevertheless, sometimes, they can be useful even in summer – if you sit in the evening, for example, around a campfire, and the fire cannot compensate for the cool breeze. On cold or rainy days even in late summer, the Norwegian sweater may even contribute to some extent for an expectation of the romance of winter.

Imagine how nice it would be to wear your Norwegian sweater by the fireplace, with a cuppa and a good book.It pays to pay attention to brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Pepe Jeans.

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